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I have been fooling about with this map for ages. It was originally a testmap for all the weird code that I like to fool about with. Some of it actually worked quite well so I gradually extended the map. Eventually it became almost a compact version of the full game in one map.

Basically, you start off at Level One and fight your way though until you have faced all the enemies. The emphasis is on combat skills with a minimum of running about trying to find your way. As you progress you gain points. Your personal best scores for each character are saved at the end of the map so you see how you improve. There is an inbuilt respawn system, so no need to reload if you get killed, but each time you die your accumulated points are halved. Games can be saved in the normal way. If you get to the end without getting killed you may enter the Hall of Heroes and a statue will be erected to mark you achievement. Get Twenty-Two statues and you can enter the inner sanctuary and claim the prize that lies within. Although I will be amazed if anyone actually bothers to do this........

Make sure you have the Allies and Talk System mads installed. Also the 'Fugskins' mod released with FugitiveII. I have been debugging this map for over two years, but I doubt very much if I have caught them all. Mail me if you find any. Please try to resist using 'cheats', particually increasing Player Level. Any alterations to the natural flow of the gameplay could foul things up. I have noticed lately that sometimes the map will crash the game when exiting. I haven't found the cause of this yet, but at least it is preferable to crashing while you are playing....... If you have previously installed any beta versions of this map, please remove all traces before installing this one.

Have Fun
Download Ascension.

FugitiveIII: The Mountain Scantuary

This map has been nearly three years in the making.
It got bigger as time went by and I thought of new things to put into it. De-bugging was a nightmare and very time consuming.
I hope this version works reasonably well and I hope I will be forgiven for any little bugs that remain. If you find any, please mail me.

FugitiveII: The Black Guard

The second map in the Fugitive series. Make sure you have The Fugskins mod installed.

If you start the map and find yourself in a black hole, it probably means you haven't
got the Talk System and Allies mods installed....

FugitiveI: The White Citadel

The first map in the Fugitive series. This has been around awhile, but this is a new version
with lots of improvements. I have included several new objects, so remember to manually copy all the
files in the BODs folder to the Main/3DObjs folder.

Please note that this version is now technically a 'Mod', so install from the BODLoader Mods directory.

Update 12/2/06

Nothing spectacular in this update. This version (1.3) dispenses with the need to manually
copy the .BOD files. Just install and away you go.

Update 1/1/08

Fixed a nasty bug with the savegame. If you have had trouble loading saves, then please
download the map and reinstall the new copy. Previous saves from V1.3 should work OK.