Gladiator Maps Page

Gladiator is a mod created by Josh Dalby shortly after the game's release. Long-standing players will no doubt
be familiar with it. Basically it provides deathmatch style play using the multiplayer maps with a never-ending stream
of enemies. Player type characters also appear as enemies.

A nice feature is the simple way that custom maps can easily be made for this mod. All that is needed is a file: MyMap.glad
included in your custom map that details spawning postions, etc.

Lots of custom maps have appeared over the years. There are more than a few on Josh's Site,
(as is the mod itself). On this page is a selection of ones that I have made myself. Some are freely adapted from the original RAS
maps, and some are completely new.

I haven't included ReadMes in these maps. Installation is simple. You will need the BODLoader mod installed.
Unzip to the BODLoader/Maps directory, so you have BODLoader/Maps/MapName/***files***. Install the map from the "Load Custom Map" option
You can start the map in single player mode and walk around unmolested, but there is will be nothing to do.
Once installed, start Gladiator and the map should appear in the selection screen options.

The Shrine of Ianna

The end section of The Temple level. (No, you can't take the Sword).



The final courtyard of the Forge of Xsathra. Great atmosphere.


The Fortress of Nemrut in a moonlit setting.

Glofror's Garden

Two maps based on the final section of Ascension map.

First is the Daytime setting, which may run a bit slow on older PCs. Second is the same map at night. Take your pick...

More to come....