Demos Page

This page is mainly for map development stuff for demonstration purposes, so don't expect too many gameplay elements.

Prospero Arena 1

30/1/08. Done a complete revamp of this map. Now V1.1
The location is the same, although I have shut off the area to the rear.
There are a few NPCs to test, including Black Knight boss and new Dwarfs provided by TPTPT.
All the Players are original RAS models. Whichever one you select, the other three will help you
as Ally NPCs. Each Has a weapon at the start. This weapon will increase in power as the Player levels up,
as will the NPC characters. Enemies also level up and increase the power of their weapons.
You can however pick other weapons from the armoury behind the start point. There are a limited number of
reserve allies that will replace any that get killed.

The map starts with the standard RAS skeletons as enemies. Higher level ones get armour. As you kill
a certain number, other enemies will come into the battle. Finally, when all enemies have been slain, the
Black Knight will appear. He is very dangerous. After he is dead there is no more.....

update 30/3/08

I missed a file out of the map. This will cause the map to crash if the WizardsDomain map is not
installed. I have now fixed this, so if you have had a 'trying to create object that was not preloaded' error,
please d/l the map again and uninstall/install from the menu screen.

Download ProsperoArena1.

Wyvern Map

Ever wondered where the Wyverns on the Island of Karum go to? Well download this map and you will see.

Download Wyvern Map.

New Orc City

This is my attempt make playable Orcs. It is not perfect but it's all good fun.
Watch out for the Salamander Brigade.

This mod is currently unavailable. Update shortly.....

Start Map

One of the trickiest things in making custom maps is getting all the stuff set up to
even make a start. This little map cuts all that out and allows you to get straight to grips
with the actual mapping. There is one basic sector and a Dwarf. From this you can build anything.

Download StartMap

Prospero Arena 3
23/6/2008. Update to version 1.1

I have done a complete update to this map and added new characters. In addition to the original
four there are two new Amazon Players. These are basically the same as the previous 'Super Zoe', but
one has four different types of armour and the other uses a magic tiarra for protection.
Also lots of new enemies.

The static big cat models in the previous version will now bite.
Thanks again to TPTPT for the 3Dmax tools that allowed me to make the new models

Download ProsperoArena3

btw. I am still working on ProsperoArena2.

Dal's Revenge

I have been trying to get Dal Gurak working as a Player character.
Although this is really a demo map, it is quite good fun to play.
The objective (if there is one) is to clear the Dark Tower of invaders and take the Sword of Ianna as a trophy.

This mod is currently unavailable. Update shortly.....
Coming Soon. Dal's Revenge II.

Prospero Arena 5

This one uses Lord Nasher (extracted from Neverwinter Nights game courtesy of TPTPT), as the Player. It is mainly to test new characters and some coding I have done to make Ally characters more interactive with the Player. Allies will level up and gain more strength, so your strategy should be to defend them, but let them have kills so they get the experience points. Enemies will respawn indefinatly at the current Player level, so if you gain too high a level at the expense of your buddies, they will soon get slaughtered. I have modded the enemy data so that they will recognise any ally as a valid opponent. This makes the map almost self-playing. The allies/enemies will fight each other with no intervention from the Player. Animal chars (spiders/bears) are set to attack any other living thing except their own kind.

The Legomen (there are six) are my poor attempt to make a fully working character model from scratch.
They are very enthusiastic but not very skilled. See how many you can keep alive.

Watch out for the scary spiders. (eek!)

This mod is currently unavailable. Major update shortly.....

To save games using Players whose names do not begin with 'A','B','D' or 'K', it is necessary to replace the file '' in the Lib folder with this updated version.
Download Save Game Patch

Dwarf Wars

This map is more to do with NPC behaviour than new chars. Big battles are not really practical despite the increased power of modern PCs, but in this map you can have small skirmishes with around five chars a side. It comes very close to co-op play, but with AI controlled chars. NPC allies will communicate with each other and will respond to the Player as he/she goes into combat. Originally the map was open-ended and you could keep on playing forever. As NPCs are killed they are replaced up to a certain level. You should get 200-300 enemies. It quite interesting to just be a spectator and observe the others fighting, in fact you can leave it running for a few hours and come back to see who is winning. All casualties are recorded on an onscreen display.

Download Dwarf Wars

8/9/07 Upadate to V1.1.
Improvement to new 3D model installation.


Same setting as Dwarf Wars, but with lots of new enemies.
The general ambience is slightly spooky and most of the new enemies are non-human types.
There are also two new types of Goblin. Their behavior is virtually the same as the Orc, but
the smaller ones can be equipped with catapults.
In this map you can play both the Wizard and his assistant Dorcas. Please note, you must have
WizardsDomain mod version 1.2 (or higher) installed to do this.
There are a few new Dwarfs and a new female warrior who although very little is quick and
deadly and has a pet leopard.

Watch out for the Big Boss at the end.

Download Dwarf WarsII